Top Features online casinos are offering

Each decent online casino will offer You different features to enhance Your experience. Some of them are good and some are purely brilliant. 

Know the best features

Each online casino has its own cool features You can enjoy and fall in love with. Yet You should know the best slots sites around and what they offer. For decent online casinos the freebies won’t end after the initial welcome bonus package. We have gathered our favorite features and provided with lists of casinos that offer those as part of their product. 


Receive funds back into Your account just by depositing and playing. There are a couple of types of cashback available, so make sure You learn about each of them.

Casino tournaments

Casino torunaments are really fun way to enjoy online casinos without spending too much. Yet You have to be a tad bit lucky to win one of them. Still, worth giving a try.

Prize raffles

Many casinos run promotions that allow their players to win many casino unrelated prizes. The prizes can be various - starting with most recent tech to all inclusive trips to Vegas.

Casino Races

Simply play, wager Your funds and receive some extra cash if You are active enough. And You may get up to the top of the leader board and win some decent amount of money.


Casino cashback is one of the most loved and rewarding features we know slots sites are offering. That means is You will receive certain amount or percentage of money back to Your account. Hence almost every casino that offers cashback to their players has its’ own terms and conditions on how it works, we can just look into the most popular ways how the cashback system work.

Duration of cashback

As mentioned above, each online casino will most likely have its’ own terms. If You want to enjoy this type of online casino feature, make sure to look into terms and make sure You can enjoy in the given time frame You are playing. Some new sites will run a cashback for a couple times a year. Some will offer You cashback for playing different days of week, such as weekend boosters. You need to take all this into consideration when choosing what online casino You should play at and enjoy cashback feature. 

Type of cashback

For You to know there are three main types of casino cashback. 

First of all, it is cashback on losses. That means that You can get back some portion of Your losses during predefined period of time. If You lose during that time of day or week, You will receive funds afterwards. Just bear in mind that the percentage is calculated from the net amount You lost, not on each and every losing spin. Usually the cashback amount is 10-20% and You can freely choose what games to spend it on. So You can give a second try to the games that made You lose Your money or try new ones instead.

Secondly, there is deposit cashback. This means is that You will receive a cashback for each deposit You make. Basically it works just like a deposit bonus but with some delay. Seems like online casinos are making big deal of it in some cases, but it’s nothing more than just simple deposit bonus with quite low percentage. 

Third and not least is cashback for every spin You make. This means that You will be accumulate a small percentage from every bet You make and receive it in Your account after given time frame. This cashback is the best type we know for slots players that play much spins during the week. While the percentage of cashback is quite small – usually 0,5-2% – it rewards active players greatly. If You play 1000+ spins per week, this is should be the cashback of Your choice and You don’t have to lose to receive the bonus funds.


Just always be vary of wagering terms, as the cashback bonuses have some wagering tied to those. Always read the terms and conditions before grabbing the cashback bonus and devoting Yourself to wagering terms. There are some exceptions of course where You will be able to move the money freely and withdraw it straight away. Yet maybe you will have to play it on predefined games.

Casino sites offering cashback

Casino tournaments

Players who are familiar with online poker should enjoy this really much. What happens is that player buys in for a certain amount of money and is given game chips, usually limited to a certain amount of bets. When the minimum entrants have gathered, game starts and players with biggest amount of chips gets the biggest share of price pool. 

Why play casino tournaments?

First of all casino tournament is a fun way to play more for Your money. The smallest tournaments start from £/$/€ 1.00 and every online casino player can afford those. What it means that players will get up to 100 spins for the amount and will be able enjoy the stay longer. This also means that if You run in a streak of bad luck, You won’t feel it as badly as losing out real funds. 

Tournament entry types

The most popular tournament types are:
  • Prize pool tournaments where all the entry fees contribute a prize pool
  • Fixed price pool tournaments where the prize pool is guaranteed before start of the tournament
  • Free roll tournaments where every player can take participation (usually a couple every day)
  • Free tournaments where players enter for loyalty points, bonuses, promotions etc. 

 Tournament rules

Analogous to poker tournaments, online casino tournaments also have different play types. 
  • Spin limit. When player enters tournament, he/she plays predetermined amount of spins that can be played on given game. The winners are ones with the most coins each one has won.
  • Time limit. Players receive exact amount of chips to play with within given time frame. When the time runs out, winner is the player with the most bets or made the biggest winnings. 
  • Knockout tournament. Players are eliminated after given amount of time. The winner is usually the one with biggest amount won in single spin or biggest pot. Whoever wins, progresses to the next round and loser is eliminated.
  • No limits. Some tournaments allow players to play their given funds without any limitations. This means that some players can go all in at the first spin and risk all their coins hoping for the big win. 

With no doubt, online casino tournaments is one of the best ways to enjoy online casinos without investing too much and always staying in control of Your funds. Of course, buy-ins and limits can be raised to hundreds, but in most cases players enjoy tournaments that are in range of £/$/€ 5-20. enter



Casino sites running casino torunaments

Prize raffles

Prize raffles is one of the most exciting extras we know in slots sites. The principle is really simple – You qualify for prize raffles depending on terms set with it. That can be predetermined deposit or wagered money count, logins, spins on some game – everything casino can come up with. Afterwards, You get a lottery number and after the promotion term runs out – You may win the prize. So what can You win?

Fresh tech

These are one of the favorite prizes for the raffles. Knowing how much people love the most up-to-date tech, online casinos often get latest flagship models for phones such as iPhones or Samsung Galaxies and offer those as prizes for the raffles. Other various tech that can be one are VRs, newest gaming consoles, TVs, laptops etc. 


 This is another really popular form of prize for online casino raffles. Many players are big want to get a break from daily life and are often fantasizing of getting a trip to their dream destination. And online casinos are no fools, too, giving their players opportunities to visit these locations by winning the raffles. So keep an eye out – some of the most popular raffles include all inclusive cruises presented by Casino Cruise casino or all inclusive trip to Las Vegas by Mr Green. 

Cash, gold and cars. 

While getting a predetermined prize is nice, for some it may seem even nicer to get cash. In this case they can fulfill whatever dream they may have. Casinos often offer sums up to £/€/$ 1000 or more and if You win, the cash is all yours. This means that You can get whatever tech or trip You want if the funds allow that. 
Another type of price we saw recently is gold. Yes, real gold! Some casinos have run raffles that allow their players to win real gold worth up to
£20 000. And You can do whatever You want with it – use it as money weight, door stopper or convert into cash and invest into real estate. 

Also, cars. You won’t be able to win the most recent Rolls Royce, yet some daily drivers are seen as prizes for promotions. The most recent cars for raffles were 
Tesla Model S by MrGreen and 4 Mini Coppers during a one month period by E-Gaming Online brands. 

Casino sites running casino prize raffles at the moment

Casino races

With hundreds or even thousands of online casinos providing various extras to attract players, it is really hard to stand out for brands. And only few of them are running casino races.

What is casino race?

The idea is simple – online casino adds an amount of money that  hundreds or even thousands of players are racing. These price pools often range from £/€/$ 5 000 to £/€/$ 50 000. Such races happen in online casinos with large active players database. Players usually don’t have to register and get counted towards the results automatically. In most cases players make points for each bet and to be fair to lower bets, points for each bet are getting less for larger bets made. 

How much can You win?

It usually depends on the amount of players and prize pool available. For example, Videoslots now runs a casino race where there is €90 000 split up between 11288 players each week. The lowest ranked players get less than €, yet the winners can take more than €1000. 
So what are You still waiting for? Join one of the brands below and start racing for the prize share!

Casino sites running casino races